Sunday, April 9, 2017

Next Stop...Entrepreneurship!!!

I have been building up to this day for quite some time now. I am really excited to take this next step in my financial future. I have read the books. I have attended seminars/webinars. I have watched tons of videos. I AM READY. So excited and so pumped up to be finally in a position to take these next steps I will be making money when I eat, sleep and am just out enjoying life. Until the day that I can earn money with out my day job, my business will be making money while I am selling my time to an employer. I will be making money!

I have been going back and forth about having my email address hosted by an established service or if I wanted to take on this task myself. I have finally decided to have my email hosted (at least for now) by an already established service. I have chosen Google to do this. They only charge $5.00 per month to have this service and they will be ensuring that my address is always up and running.

I have been associated in affiliate marketing for several months now and only making a few pennies here and there. I have done the research on how to make this business more profitable and I am ready to start. I will be selling to per qualified people. There will be no "cold calling". In fact during this first phase there will be no calling because I will be only working with people who contact me.

Here is a list of the next four steps to achieving my financial freedom.
  1. I am setting up my email account through Google. I have chosen google because they offer, in my opinion the best and easiest line up of products for a small start up business.
  2. The second step is to set up an account with I discovered this site while attending webinars. The concept is just what I am looking for.
  3. The third step is to set up my account. I will be combining the power of and in order to make a powerful online marketing tool.
  4. Finally, I will be linking all of these accounts into one powerful online marketing campaign.
As of right now I do not have a huge budget to get this endeavor off of the ground. I have streamlined my startup costs to only include things that are immediately needed. I will be focusing on the rest of the things that I will be requiring for business startup in the next few months. I want to get started making a income in order to finance the rest of the business startup costs.

On a side note. This blog has been online since March 7th. As of the end of the day on April 7th I had 808 views to this blog. During this time I have been heavily promoting myself and I am seeing that it is paying off. I am getting about 14 - 20 viewers even on days that I have not had a chance to promote my work. That means people are coming to my site and reading it. That is most awesome and highly encouraging to a new entrepreneur. I look forward to many more posting and to growing not only my business but also to growing my readership. I want to thank everyone for their support up to this point and look forward to bringing my readers even better content.

Have the most wonderful day and I will soon be back with more.

Everything that I write are the results of my own research. I strive to provide the most accurate information possible and cannot be responsible for any errors. I am not an accountant or a fiduciary. Before investing or using any of my ideas it is advisable to consult a financial professional. I am not responsible for any financial loss that might occur through the use of my ideas. Do your own research and come up with your own answers. The examples that I provide are just that, examples and are meant only for the purpose of teaching cash flow and ideas for possible investments. 

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