Tuesday, March 21, 2017

When All Else Fail...Having Liquid Assets Will Be A Lifesaver.

     Well, I was going to do a follow-up to the last posting but it will have to wait. I figured that this message would be more important. Just hours for leaving for a vacation to New York and to Ontario I found that I would be traveling with out the credit card that I was going to put every thing that I would spend on this trip. It was not an option any more.

     I called the credit card company and found out that my credit card was disabled several months ago. There was no problems with the account it, unfortunately it was shut off because they had sent me new cards with the chip in it. I still have not seen any evidence of having ever received these cards. They as sending new cards out but with less than 24 hours before my trip starts the cards would not get to us until half way through the trip. This could be a problem.

     What saved the day was the fact that I have liquid assets to work with. I was able to transfer some cash around and position it into accounts that I can use on my trip. I am able to pay for the entire trip with cash. This is something that I was not able to do just a few years ago. I have spent the time educating myself and putting the financial safety's into place. This has been a lifesaver.
     When I get off of this vacation I will be replacing the cash that I am spending from my savings. This is a very important thing to remember. In order to take from the savings account you must replace the cash in the savings account.  This way you will never run out. I am fortunate enough to have this ability to do this quickly. For others it might take more time, but you must remember to do this because you never know when another situation will arise and you will need to have that money.

     Having liquid assets have saved me this time and it is a great feeling. This however is just one branch of my financial freedom plan. In all reality I have 3 branches of this plan already in place. I have a job which is feeding cash into covering my financial obligations/bills and feeding more value into my other two branches. I have a savings a plan by utilizing a money market account. This enables me to maximize what little interest I earn off of my cash that I have set aside for the occasional emergency. I also have put into place a more risky investment with the stock market. I currently own stocks in seven companies in various sectors.

     This is not however the end of my path leading to financial freedom. I have put together a portfolio of affiliate companies that I represent. In other words I select companies that I feel that I want to promote because of similar interest, the right products or popularity with the shoppers. These are companies that I have contacted and requested to become an affiliate. In the beginning there will not be a significant income coming from these companies but as you promote these companies and you build a follower base the money will start to flow in on a regular basis and will start adding to your income.

     The purpose of this posting is to let you know that by investing in yourself can be a lifesaver and that it actually works. I will be back soon with more tip, tricks and ideas that will assist you in becoming financially free from the slavery that money has imposed on us and allowing us to control the money to working for use. Hope you have a wonderful day and I will see you soon. Next stop, Canada.

Everything that I write are the results of my own research. I strive to provide the most accurate information possible and cannot be responsible for any errors. I am not an accountant or a fiduciary. Before investing or using any of my ideas it is advisable to consult a financial professional. I am not responsible for any financial loss that might occur through the use of my ideas. Do your own research and come up with your own answers. The examples that I provide are just that, examples and are meant only for the purpose of teaching cash flow and ideas for possible investments. 

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