Saturday, March 11, 2017


     We complain about not having enough money to do the things that we want to do. We complain because all of our hard earned cash all goes to paying the bills. We seem to do a lot of complaining but what we are not doing is taking the necessary steps to make change happen. So, let's start trying to get you a steady income using the money that you already have. And it might just be easier than you thought.

     For most of us every couple of weeks we get a paycheck from an employer. We take that paycheck to the bank, cash it and commence buying the things that we need and/or want. Then at some point before the arrival of the next paycheck we struggle to make ends meet because there is to many expenses that are not covered when the paycheck runs out. Then when the next paycheck arrives we perpetuate that cycle. We never seem to get ahead of the bills and the savings account is dry.

     It is suggested from the financial guru's is that we should have enough liquid investments that we could comfortably live if we lost our source of income. It is suggested that we put somewhere in the range of three months worth of income into an easily accessible account. But how much money you put away is really up to you. Some people could be comfortable with three months, others at six months, and still others might not be comfortable until they have twelve months saved. The reality is that most will never get to the three month mark, let along getting to the twelve month mark.

     I really struggled with the same issues, but I decided to take charge of my finances and take charge of my life. I have not yet achieved financial freedom, but I am also well on my way. How did I do it? I educated myself. I taught myself a new way of financial thinking, and it is not the same way that has been handed down from generation to generation. This is to most people a new way of thinking. I say most people because the rich are already doing their finances differently.

      I have several methods of paying myself. One of the ways is to simply put cash into a savings account. Fortunately I was able to find an account that pays out a higher interest rate than that of a standard account. The other thing is my account has a sliding increase in interest according to a predetermined amount cut off.

     The other thing that I do it utilize a cash back credit card. Now I would not suggest getting yourself a credit card it you are not disciplined to pay off the entire balance every month. I can say that I do not pay off my card every month but what I do is pay off the money that I have been putting on it for my day to day expenses and now that is the only thing that I use that card for. I am slowly paying down the balance but I also have a strategy.

     This credit card is giving me a 1.5% cash back for each and every purchase that I make. If I shop at a warehouse store during the year of 2017 I get a 3% cash back, that is a great bonus that my card is running this year. Every Friday I take that money that I get as cash back from my credit card and I deposit into my money market savings account. That is a great thing. If I did not have a cash back card that money would have been gone forever. Now I am at least putting part of the money I spent into an account and by doing this I am paying myself. I have cash in my account that I have spent on my daily living which I keep adding to every Friday and on top of that this money that I have spent on feeding my family and paying my bills is also earning me interest.

     So let's wrap our heads around this. My money that I spent on living is sitting in a money market savings account making even more money for me through interest. That is awesome. You might say that it might not be worth it because the interest earned is not worth much. True, but remember, this is money that I spent and it came back to me.WOW! My money is finally working for me. I am not touching that money no matter what until I can truly obtain financial freedom.

      What I have done is started to diversify my finances. What I have shown you today is just one thing that I do to start making my money work for me. Stand by for more ideas of things that I am actually doing, planning on doing, or researching how to do it.

     It is really up to you to break you out of the financial slump and start making your money work for you instead of you selling your time and working for money.

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